We at MHP are happy to announce that Johnny Perez, UJC’s Mental Health Project Safe...
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“For every single day we wait, we risk — and are — damaging the people who are sitting in those cells. How can we continue to put people’s humanity on hold?” - MHP Safe Reentry Advocate, Johnny Perez

“The science on this issue has not changed, and neither should the board’s commitment to rules passed in January 2015.” said Jennifer Parish, director of criminal justice advocacy at the Urban Justice Center’s Mental Health Project. “This board must not allow young people to be scarred by isolation, neglect and brutality.”

"In continuing to grant the department extensions, variance after variance in excluding young adults from solitary confinement, the board must remember that individual lives are affected by the choices it makes,"Jennifer Parish, MHP Director of Criminal Justice Advocacy said.

We at MHP are happy to announce that Johnny Perez, UJC’s Mental Health Project Safe Reentry Advocate, was appointed to the New York State Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. The advisory committee investigates civil rights concerns in the state and reports to the Commission, which then issues recommendations to the U.S. Department of Justice for further action. Each advisory committee is appointed for two years and chooses which issues to focus on during that two-year tenure.

“This is not a black or white, Republican or Democratic issue,” MHP Safe Re-entry Advocate, Johnny Perez said. “This is a human issue. It’s a moral issue.”

"I don't know if it's becoming more violent or not, and I don't know who is responsible for that. I don't think the solution is locking people up for 23 or 24 hours a day," said Jennifer Parish, MHP Director of Criminal Justice Advocacy.

MHP was recognized by New York State Senator Jesse E. Hamilton at the inaugural Reflection of Hop Awards. MHP received the Program Innovation Award, which is granted to organizations who serve in the best interests and well-being of New Yorkers; and enforces the rights of low-income New Yorkers with Mental Illness.

When Johnny Perez was young, he committed a crime that landed him in prison. After turning his life around 8 years into his sentence by discovering his love for education, he now uses his experience to help other formerly incarcerated people obtain the services they need to get back on their feet through the Urban Justice Center in Manhattan.

Those with mental illness who are incarcerated are at a disadvantage while in prison and given less support from the prison system after release. Check out what MHP's Safe Reentry Advocate, Johnny Perez, has to say about this:

"Prisons should have tools to keep control within the prison," he said, "but I also feel that there's no situation in which a person needs to be treated inhumanely in order to hold them accountable." - Johnny Perez, MHP Safe Reentry Advocate