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General NYC supportive housing resource archive

Institute for Community Living 
Offers numerous forms of housing for homeless individuals and families living with severe mental illness, HIV/AIDS, and chronic addiction

Offers permanent supportive housing for the chronically homeless, those living with chemical addictions and for those with persistent and severe mental illness. Accompanied by services intended to improve quality of life  

Housing + Solutions 
Offers transitional and permanent housing for single women as well as women with children who are working and also have mental illness or chemical dependency

Goddard Riverside Community Center
Offers supportive housing in 5 different sites for more than 600 New Yorkers; also comes with services + assistance specifically for those with mental illness  

Coalition for the Homeless 
Offers both transient shelter help as well as grants to cover arrears  

New York City Affordable Housing Resources Center 
Outlines links for affordable apartments, section 8 availability and subsidized housing  

Bronx Works Emergency Needs for the Homeless 
Provides eviction intervention, rent subsidies, section 8 vouchers to those living in the Bronx

Brooklyn Community Housing and Services 
Provides housing for previously homeless individuals in various neighborhoods throughout Brooklyn; provides case management, mental health treatment  

Fifth Avenue Committee 
Serves low income people with a history of incarceration with both affordable and subsidized housing as well as tenant disputes in all five boroughs

The Doe House 
Provides affordable and supportive housing to men with histories of addiction and involvement in the criminal justice system, along with paid work, case management and training in Manhattan (full blown program, not only housing)

Legal Assistance

Volunteer Lawyers Program Housing Court
Volunteer attorneys offer free legal advice and information that they otherwise may not be aware of, but do not actually represent  

Legal Aid 
Free legal representation for a number of civil and criminal issues, including eviction prevention and tenant disputes

Legal Services NYC
Free legal representation for a number of issues including housing, disability services, eviction prevention, etc   

Eviction Intervention Services
Assistance with arrears, allows clients to stay abreast of housing rights

Goddard-Riverside Community Center West Side SRO Law Project
Represents SRO and some apartment tenants in eviction proceedings, illegal conversion proceedings and general improvement of living conditions

Bedford Stuyvesant Community Legal Services Corporation
Free representation for members of Bed Stuy / Crown Heights Communities with mainly public assistance and homelessness prevention
Phone number:  718-636-1155 

Legal Action Center 
Non profit and free legal service that advocates on behalf of individuals with histories of or present chemical dependency and incarceration; also helps obtain rap sheet  

Mental Health 

The Door (YOUTH) 
Offers free counseling (crisis, anger management, group and individual) for youth who have been previously or are currently involved in the juvenile justice system, LGBT+, or dealing with substance abuse issues  

Community Healthcare Network 
Traveling van that provides numerous health services and screenings, but outpatient centers in the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan offer therapy, medication management and mental health screenings  

Brooklyn Forensic Link Program 
Provides mental health treatment, advocacy, case management for individuals with a history of incarceration and a diagnosis of an axis 1 type mental illness  

College Guide for Students with Psychiatric Disabilities 
A comprehensive resource for college-bound high school seniors and currently enrolled postsecondary students who struggle with mental illness.

Re-Entry/ Previously Incarcerated Individuals 

Fortune Society 
Provides a number of different services for previously incarcerated people, including the Better Living Society specifically for individuals with a history of mental health issues, as well as career placement and some housing; also works to seek out alternatives to incarceration  

Bronx Reentry Working Group 
CBO that acts as an umbrella for numerous programs including case management, mental health services, food pantries, clothing, and educational  services in the Bronx  

Connections – enormous composite volume of resources for previously incarcerated individuals; includes resources for housing, community support, health, mental health, legal advocacy, religious and social groups and more. Available in PDF or for free in print from the New York Public Library. Focus on real life strategies for navigating possibly difficult scenarios concerning incarceration history during employment, housing, reentering the community, etc.

Crown Heights Community Mediation Center Reentry Resource Directory 
Very similar to Connections; composite resource reentry guide with a focus on Brooklyn

Reentry Resource Directory 
Similar to both Connections and Crown Heights Mediation Center’s directories with useful directions on how to obtain ID cards, seek employment and tools to discuss past history with interviewers near the end

Tips on Coping with Mental Health Conditions

Treating and Living with Anxiety
From the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. This site provides the results of a survey on depression and in-depth details of several different coping mechanisms. The site also provides details on how to recognize symptoms and triggers as well. 

A Navigation Guide to Self-Discovery During Your Addiction Recovery Journey
From The Treehouse Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center. This resource discusses the root causes of addiction and analyses the full steps to recovery. They provide many tips on making recovery a healthy process and elements that can be incorporated to increase chances for success. There is also live chat with a treatment specialist available on the site. 

Recognizing and Treating Depression During Pregnancy
From a blog on pregnancy. The information provided on this blog covers the causes, symptoms, complications related to, and treatments for depression during pregnancy. There are numerous amounts of treatments suggested by the site ranging from medications to lifestyle changes. 

Marriage and Mental Health: How to Cope When Your Spouse Has Been Diagnosed with Schizophrenia
From an award-winning wedding chapel. Little Chapel's resources on coping with a partner with schizophrenia are very thorough. The site provides definitions of the condition. There is also much detail provided on the positive and negative symptoms of the condition. The article offers many tips on coping with a partner's condition and providing self-care when caring for a schizophrenic partner. 

7 Tips for Creating a Healthy and Positive Work Environment
From the Global Healing Center, a leader in production of natural remedies. This site provides basic tips for fostering an environment of wellness in the workplace.