ICAN Health and Recovery Plan Advocacy

The Independent Consumer Advocacy Network's Health and Recovery Plans (HARP plans) are a new type of managed care plan in New York State that integrate physical health, mental health, and substance use services for adults with significant behavioral health needs. We provide education, navigational assistance, care coordination, and advocacy to participants, caregivers, and their advocates.

We provide assistance to consumers through various services including:

• Educating participants about the options available to them through the programs;
• Helping HARP participants enroll in, use or navigate coverage;
• Informing and educating participants about appeal rights for services through HARP health plans;
• Helping empower HARP participants to access their health coverage and behavioral health services and be their own advocates;

We operate a statewide hotline for consumers of the Independent Consumer Advocacy Network's Health and Recovery Plans.

ICAN Health and Recovery Plan Hotline: 646-923-8397

MHP also provides community presentations designed to educate individual HARP participants, consumers, advocates and health care providers about health insurance and their rights and responsibilities as HARP participants. Check back for more information on our upcoming presentations.