Impact Litigation

MHP has a long history of working on class action impact litigation cases to enforce and protect the rights of New Yorkers with mental illness. To learn more about the cases we have worked on and continue to work on, please click below: 

Padro et al v. Astrue
Class action lawsuit charging systematic bias against low-income disabled individuals seeking Social Security disability benefits in Queens

Clark v. Astrue
Case brought by MHP against SSA challenging its use of a crude computer-matching system to suspend or deny the benefits of people who appear to have failed to comply with probation or parole 

Martinez v. Astrue
National class action settlement challenging SSA's policy of relying on outstanding warrant information to suspend or deny benefits, or the so-called "Fugitive Felon Program" 

Brad H. v. City of New York
Enforcing the rights of incarcerated people with mental illness to receive discharge planning prior to their release from NYC jails 

Messiah S. v. Alexander
Challenging the lack of discharge planning for people with psychiatric disabilities being released from New York State prisons

Fowlkes v. Adamec
Challenging the SSA's practice of using outstanding warrant status to suspend or deny benefits in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals district

O'Toole v. Cuomo
Challenging the warehousing over 4,000 persons with mental illness in large, restrictive adult homes in New York City

Harris v. Eggleston
Enforcing eligible New Yorkers' right to receive both food stamps and SSI disability benefits

Koskinas v. Cuomo
Class action lawsuit establishing "Koskinas" rights, which entitle inpatient psychiatric patients to discharge planning prior to their release from New York City hospitals