Discharge Planning from Psychiatric Units


Are you or a loved one in a psychiatric unit in a hospital in New York City?

If so, you have certain rights under Mental Hygiene Law §29.15.

These rights include:

  • Referral or application for appropriate housing
  • Public Benefits set up prior to discharge (Public Assistance, Food Stamps, and/or Medicaid)
  • Referral to treatment

If you are concerned that the hospital will not provide these services prior to discharge, we may be able to help you.


Understand your discharge planning rights including housing, public benefits, and treatment options in the community

Compile and submit evidence for initial SSI applications, assist and advocate for you throughout the process

Advocate for referrals to appropriate treatment and case management services in the community.

Advocate on your behalf for the hospital to apply for supportive housing. Help you explore housing options and prepare for interviews.

Communicate your discharge planning needs to the hospital’s doctors and social workers.

Take legal action against the hospital or others if necessary to ensure that you receive a proper discharge.


To learn more about our services, request assistance, or refer someone to us, please call:

1-877-MHP-LAW1 ext. 1
1-877-MHP-647-5291 ext. 1


You can leave a message on our helpline at any time. Please leave your name and phone number (for example, the hospital payphone or nurses’ station).